Andrè Ambersley: “the instrument”


Happy Saturday, beautiful people!

It’s Saturday… and that means a new song was released today by “the instrument”!!!!!!

Okay, so, if you enjoy listening to dope music, with a little Jamaican flare, then you NEED to listen to the instrument! I catch myself listening to his music on a daily basis, and even multiple times a day. He’s like, seriously, my new favorite artist.

I’ve known Andrè (the instrument) for the past five years and at first, I never even knew that he could sing! One day, I was hanging out with him and his current fiance and they played me a song to listen to! I was in such shock. I had no idea such a voice could come from someone I know!

Anyway, lately he has been in recording studios and working  on many new songs which he is releasing week by week! Every Saturday he drops a new song, so be sure to keep up with his YouTube channel! I’ll leave all of his social media information below!

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I hope you all like his music as much as I do!! Make sure to “like”, “follow”, and “subscribe”!!!



Kylie Cosmetics

Okay, so aside from all the sad things that are happening later, what does everyone think about Kylie Cosmetics?

So, me.. I’m obsessed. I’ll admit it. I have about 10 lip kits, 5 glosses, two Kyshadows, two Kylighters, and a Kyliner! Do I wear makeup tho, no! I don’t know why I keep spending so much money on her stuff when I don’t even wear it! It’s not that I don’t like them, I’m just plain Jane and never wear makeup.. tragic. For someone who doesn’t wear makeup, I literally set my alarm for the restocks so I don’t miss purchasing! ITS AN ADDICTION.

I also catch myself on her merch website where I always add hundreds of dollars of merch to my cart and then just slowly X out because I’d probably be in some serious debt if I went through with it and actually bought everything I put to my cart. It’s such a problem!! But helloooo, retail therapy! That’s actually a thing- you know!

The one time I wore makeup to work, two different students told me the FUNNIEST thing.. which really made me L.O.L. One said “why do you eyelashes look like that?” (meaning my lovely Upward Lash mascara by Mac) and another goes “I love your lips!” (meaning my new baby Harmony, Kylie’s new velvet matte lipstick).

I must say, I’m SO disappointed in her Kylighter!! Not only does it take about 4 applications before it’s visible, but, it TAKES ABOUT FOUR APPLICATIONS BEFORE IT’S VISIBLE! Like, what is up with that?

However, there are no complaints about anything else! Amazing, amazing, amazing.

So, I just want to know. What does everyone else think about Kylie Cosmetics?


New to this!

Hi everyone!

So, I’m totally new to this whole blog thing! However, I have been thinking about doing something like this for a really long time; I’ve just never really had the time. Not like I have much time now, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

If you’re looking for a little bit of comfort, relaxation, or a focus on direction, I hope my posts are able to help. I know how hard it can be, trust me! Everyone starts somewhere with everything! Each day it’s super frustrating, but each day I’m one day closer to a clearer mindset!

Aside from mental health awareness, I would also love to talk about things that are of interest to many people. Fun workouts, delicious foods, makeup, and hobbies- who doesn’t love those things? Come on!

Although I am just doing this from my own heart, I am not certified in counseling. However, I must say, I know enough to explain the basics and I hope to do whatever I can to help by my words.




Feeling a Panic Attack coming?

Okay, so if you’re anything like me, you know how much of a pain panic attacks are. I seriously get the worst headache that seems to last forever, I breakout, I can’t eat, and I cry. Not kidding, I literally cry when I get too anxious (embarrassing- I know, right?).

Anyway, the reason why I’m choosing this as my first topic, aside from my previous silly one, is because today is one day that I have seriously felt super off since the minute I opened my eyes! On top of working both jobs on Wednesdays, I also have to worry about a ton of readings and assignments that are due. However, I decided that a good way to release some of this tension is to write about it on this blog post! We’ll see how effective this may be.

You know when you’re anxious, and you just don’t want to leave the house, because if you do you think you may have a psychotic meltdown? Well, I know how that is! I put together my top 3 coping mechanisms I use when I feel a panic attack around the corner.

  1. Deep breathing:
    Believe it or not, it really does help! What I do is, I inhale through my nose for about   5 seconds, hold it for about 5 seconds, and then exhale through my mouth for about 5 seconds. Sounds silly, but it’s something you can do that no one needs to know because you can do it literally anywhere!! Sitting at your desk, watching TV, or while taking a shower! Which brings me to number two…
  2. Showering/ Bathing:
    Seriously that easy! Hop in the shower and just stand there! At least that’s what I do.  Practicing the deep breathing while in the shower/tub can make you feel so relaxed. This may not work for everyone, but I know a few people who do this, too! Try to clear your mind, and know that everything in this worlds happens for a reason (if you believe in that- I do!).
  3. Watching cartoons:
    Okay, I know this sounds silly, but I swear watching Hannah Montana helps me so much! It was seriously my favorite Disney show when it was on, and now I find it on either Netflix, On Demand, or even online! My dad uses this method, too! He really liked Family Guy, although that particular show doesn’t help me, it may help someone who’s into that kind of the show! Find a show you like, sit down with a nice cup of iced water and relax.

So, like I mentioned, this may not work for everyone! However, I truthfully hope at least one of these helps! Relying on medication is sometimes not the only option, whereas sometimes your brain can make you believe it is.

I’m also the kind of person where if something isn’t effective right away, I usually just give up. This is not always the best thing to do as you may never get to experience the ways your body can help you get through things. Your brain is so powerful, but your decisions can be stronger.